Variants Prototypes


wall elements:
isosceles triangles à 60 cm with 5/10/15 cm depth

floor elements:
isosceles triangles à 60 cm with 5/10/15 cm depth

Screen: consists of
isosceles triangles à 50 cm.
The core is made of perforated, with acoustic wool
filled plywood. The triangles are 5 cm thick
and covered with fabric. height: 180 cm

Variants is a variable module system with different triangular components, which serve the acoustic and aesthetic optimization of interiors. It uses the atmospheric, haptic and noise-reducing qualities of textiles to make rooms more harmonious and pleasant.

Variants is available in three forms: as acoustic wall/ceiling panels, as free-standing room objects or as room-dividing screens. The haptic and visual impressions unite to form a complex synaesthetic overall experience, which is in the great tradition of furniture and room design of the Bauhaus.

The modules can be used flexibly and innovatively. They can be extended into the entire room - as basically unfinished and endless object structures. The individual parts are covered with high-quality fabrics from the Kvadrat company, whose color and composition can be individually adapted to a specific location.

Variants is inspired not only by the Bauhaus and the use of textiles by artists such as Anni Albers or Sonia Delaunay, but also by the crystalline structures of nature. Out of a preoccupation with minerals and their photographic realization, Sascha Reichstein developed the first ideas for a holistic kind of interior design, which has the potential to (re)harmonize art and life. The deliberate reduction to an abstract language of forms, such as can be found, for example, on relief-like masonry in South America, soothes rooms and at the same time offers a variety of possible combinations.

Variants is a system of great vitality, both defining and adapting at the same time due to its basically endless grid structure. The special textile surfaces give rooms a new atmosphere and harmony.

(translated by DeepL)