Remained Stitches


Variable sizes
2 x 31 x 47 cm, 65 x 105 cm, 46 x 110 cm, 100 x 91 cm, 50 x 84 cm
Installation: approximately 250 cm long

The work Remained Stitches deals with the overlapping of production contexts and the associated change in ornamental languages originally developed and used regionally. REMAINED STITCHES explores in a sensual way the relationship between work and the shift in industrial textile production as well as its connection with the migration of people and forms.

The embroidered textiles and the materials used for them lead a nomadic, global life, not only during their production, but also after their completion in everyday use. They are often used not only by a target audience, but also by people who want to feel part of another culture for a limited period of time. The African Laces produced in Vorarlberg are mostly made by Turkish migrant women. The ornamental fragments sewn onto the overpainted African Laces are taken from patterns for embroidering leather pants produced in Sri Lanka. On several levels, a history of migration and overlapping is hidden behind the embroidered fabrics.

(translatet by DeepL)