ON Forms


Photographies, framed, 41 x 48 cm und 42 x 59,4 cm

Drawings, behind glass, 38 x 55 cm

Thread Installation on wall

On Forms visualizes formal as well as structural Orders with regard to Textile as well as photographic surfaces. Thereby questions of relations between Art, Function, provenance as well as global movements are of interest for me in this body of work. ON Forms takes textile drafts from Anni Albers, Reliefs from Josef Albers as well as Photographic works from Minerals, originated around the 1920ies as a starting point for a Series of Works.
Minerals where a source of inspiration for geometric, abstract forms in view of the development of ornaments as well as for architectural forms in modernism.
Minerals are particularly of interest for me with regard to questions of abstraction and on the other hand to questions of their provenance and the specific circumstances which characterizes their specific appearance. The Circumstances of their surrounding world are manifesting a formative influence on Minerals as it does for human beeings as well. In this sense i understand Minerals as representative Forms for movements and formations of human beeings. The minerals i choosed to photograph are from the Archive of the Natural History Museum of Vienna. So they have a history of migration into the Museum and into the order of this Museum. This Orders, classifications, views on certain object is what interests me and trying to find a new Order, a new gaze .